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I started my working career in the late 1970s as a police cadet, which informed my early working days in public life, but not as I was expecting. My cadet days were filled with virtually no police work whatsoever, which was a bit of a shock to me I can tell you. Instead my time was filled with glorious summer days, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing and my passion at the time cross-country running. Hardly the training for a budding Sherlock Holmes who is someone I have always longed to be.


This soon ended abruptly when police work became sometimes weird or funny, but more often life changing, with harrowing incidents that shaped my adult life. While my friends were worrying about girls and motorbikes, I was on a deployment to the Coroners office getting to grips with my first of many post-mortems.

I developed my working life around being a qualified and accredited investigator in the corporate world. This taught me the value and importance of staying impartial and that good casework is the key to success, along with having some actual evidence and a massive sense of humor.

That said I have always had a passion for crime scene management, which started, like most people watching classic TV crime dramas, like the Sweeney and Crown Court. I developed that love affair over a number of years to finally qualify in forensic science. My perseverance paid off with specialisms in surveillance and evidence.

I have always loved television crime drama and now find myself enjoying life writing it.

                                 Member of  The Society of Authors No. 67550

                                                  Member of The Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society

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Available on eBook from 16 December 2020, Paperback publication is the 19 January 2021

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Coming Winter 2021

Trevor Kennett's Shady is a new crime fiction novel.  Edwin Shady is a fantasist, a young man with big ideas and an imagination to match with a life-long dream of becoming a Private Detective.  When his dream finally becomes reality Edwin has no actual clients, that is until the wife of a criminal underworld family gives him his first and possibly his last case.

Man Running in the Mist


Coming Early 2021

Trevor Kennett's Charlie Tango 500 is a new television crime drama series.  An outrageously funny, but often harrowing account  of the workplace adventures of a newly recruited uniformed Constable set in the 1980s.

Submitted to the BBC Writers Room Drama talent search 2020

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“As screenwriters, we rip open our chests and bleed onto our work. Infusing it with our very souls.”

Geoffrey D Calhoun

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